Do you know what is standing between you and your dream?

Do you know what stood between Tony Robbins and the life he wanted?

What set Jack Canfield and his dream life apart?

Many a times people forget this basic principle that has worked for every successful person on this…

With a multi-million-dollar startup dream, I quit my high-paying software job in 2012. What do you think a techie quits a job for?

Yes, to do their own startup.

I (and Manish) founded our first startup Keeva Technologies Pvt Ltd. We had kickass product ideas. We started implementing them.


The bitcoin alternative in 2021

Missed out on investing in bitcoin?

I want to give you the best alternative for you.

A friend invested in bitcoin and made over a million last year. But what happened in 2021?

Got Covid and had a near death experience.

No, I am not…

Time vs Money

I have always wondered about this one thing — what makes some people more successful while others struggle?

Today, everyone has access to resources. Yet, only few people become high performers.

Despite having more responsibility than anyone else, the top performers always find a way to invest…


There is a famous story about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was rehearsing for a play when another thin weekly wager junior actor Charlie suggested that they should pool their earnings and then take half each for the rest of their lives.

Ever wondered what is the worst mistake first-time authors make?
Most of them start writing their book immediately. Yes, starting to write the book the moment you want to, is the worst mistake first-time authors do. Because of this lots of time and money get wasted.

Starting to write a…

My mother introduced me to reading books and I learned the art of reading daily from her when I saw her reading daily in afternoons and at bed-time.

When I was probably 6–7 years old , my parents bought me my first book to be read independently, and I finished…

I have attached a screenshot from one of my students who wrote his book in 9 days using my Most Trusted Author Model and got published.

Here’s the news — Writing wasn’t a burden for him. He applied my system and showed up consistently.

He first attended my 5-day Most…

No, this post is not about a new feature in Amazon where you can buy a book from their store.

Ever wondered why we love some books placed on Amazon Store and hate others? — we loved the books like Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, 5AM Club by Robin Sharma…

There’s no cost greater than feeling regret for not fulfilling your ambitions.

Back in school, I wanted my book to be published. Yes, In my 9th grade, the book was ready. But I had no idea how to get published. …

Sweta Samota

Sweta Samota is India’s Leading Book Coach.

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