Why invest in mentors?

With a multi-million-dollar startup dream, I quit my high-paying software job in 2012. What do you think a techie quits a job for?

Yes, to do their own startup.

I (and Manish) founded our first startup Keeva Technologies Pvt Ltd. We had kickass product ideas. We started implementing them.

You know what was the number one problem in we doing the startup?

I figured it out after burning several lacs of hard-earned savings. I figured it out after failing to break even despite having a great product in hand.

That’s like Saina figuring out the mess (so close to becoming World’s №1) she was in when she left Gopichand after a rift.

Our problem was even bigger.

We didn’t have a Gopichand with us.

When I figured that out, I started to invest in Mentors.

And, Since then I have never hesitated to take help from someone who has already done it.

I have been very blessed to have got mentors all around me and with their guidance and blessings, I am able to impact so many people today and have charted a path for myself.

If my mentors hadn’t helped me, I would’ve been still stuck up in my own 4 walls cribbing about my failed startup or worse — I would have been still stuck up at some or the other IT company.

That’s the value of mentors. They guide you. They give you new ideas. They show you new paths.

You now have new ideas on your head because of the posts I have been writing here.

In my coaching programs, we have taken it another step ahead. I will not only guide you but will make sure that you act on them.

But here’s the thing you need to consider before you invest in a mentor: — Make a commitment to become the #1 student of your mentor. It literally guarantees your success.

If you are a person who will give up the moment it gets hard, don’t invest. All it takes is 6 hours.

Just because we are mentors right now, doesn’t mean that it was easy for us. 15 years back, I sucked at writing and had no idea. I remember knocking on the doors of publishers in 2008–09 and looking back at those days, I feel awful.

Every master was once a disaster. But we have made the mistakes, taken the arrows in our back and are giving to you the fastest way to become a champion author.

But, the question is, will you invest to get more ideas and skills?

For you to become the most trusted author,

Sweta Samota

Sweta Samota is India’s Leading Book Coach.